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Graves' Certified Used Grand Pianos


Please call us if you are looking for something special and/or specific!  We always have "do-it-yourself" and "as-is" specials on hand. These bargains are for the hobbyist.  100% LIFETIME FULL TRADE-UP PROGRAM INCLUDED ON ALL PIANOS. Due to our extensive inventory and rapidly changing selection we have pianos that may not be listed here yet or might be sold before we have time to mark them as used console piano


What makes a Graves Certified used piano better:

  1. Every piano is checked for tuning stability
  2. The plate is cleaned and checked for cracks and strength
  3. The action is lubricated for smooth and even play
  4. The soundboard is checked for cracks or imperfections
  5. The string bridge is checked for rattles and cracks
  6. It is then tuned to concert A440 pitch
  7. A warranty ranging from 1 to 10 years is placed on the piano
  8. A life-time full trade allowance is included

(Click on pictures for larger image)                                    .   Last Update: March 31, 2014       

Baldwin Passion Blue Custom Grand








Baldwin 6'3" Custom Grand - "Passion Blue"

The Baldwin Passion Blue Custom Grand
Originally sold in 2009, this beautiful and contemporary L1 Artist Grand Piano has a custom finish that is as stunning as it is sexy. Perfect for a contemporary or modern setting!  This is a custom, one of a kind finish you'll find nowhere else.

A mid-sized grand that delivers rich, resonant sound
This Passion Blue 6' 3" Custom Grand is Baldwin's ideal grand piano size and will fit beautifully into any home or studio. Superior craftsmanship and materials set this piano apart. It features a one-piece, continuously-bent maple rim design. The soundboard is made of the finest quarter-sawn spruce available, providing for exceptional tone. The piano’s sharp keys are genuine African ebony wood with an added radius for a superior feel. Baldwin-engineered Renner hammers deliver world-class clarity and consistency.  Its superior action provides faster key repetition rates and increased dynamic range. The three foot pedals constructed from solid brass, and the fallboard utilizes a pneumatic, slow-close design.

Graves Price: Please call for pricing


Baldwin SD-10 Concert Grand

2000 Baldwin SD-10 Concert Grand 

Like-New model year 2000, Baldwin SD-10 Concert Grand.  Would make a fantastic stage piano for even the most demanding venue.  Will go fast.

used console piano



Baldwin Model Grand

Baldwin Model R 5' 8" Grand

This Baldwin classic was totally built in the USA.  It's in cherry high polish finish and is in tip-top shape.  This piano is ready for a new home!  It has that BIG, warm, unmistakable Baldwin sound.  A grand perfect for any environment.  When new, over $50,000.00..

Graves Price:  $21,500


Baldwin Model Grand

Baldwin Model C1 5'7" Grand

Featuring Baldwin's exclusive "Accu-just" hitch pins for fantastic tonal customization.  Allows for optimal contact and pressure against hitch pins and conveyance of sound into the soundboard.  An incredible value!  Includes full parts & labor warranty, serviceable nationwide.

Graves Price: $9,740




Bechstein 6'8" Art Case Grand

Absolutely Stunning!!!  Beautiful inside and out.  Sounds as good as it plays.  Burl walnut throughout.  Completely rebuilt.  Rated as one of the top ten pianos in the world by "The Piano Buyers Guide"

Graves Price: $54,500






Bechstein Polished Ebony

Bechstein 6'3" Polished Ebony

Sold new in 2001.  This is an absolute bargain for a "like new" Bechstein grand piano.   Rated as one of the top ten pianos in the world by "The Piano Buyers Guide"

Graves Price: $33,500



C Bechstein Polished Mahogany

C. Bechstein 5'7" Polished Mahogany

Beautiful Chippendale Mahogany C. Bechtein grand piano.  For an accomplished pianist, this piano is a dream come true.

used console piano




Bechstein 6'7" Grand Piano

An absolute gem of a piano.  Rebuilt to perfection.  Please feel free to call or email with questions,  Less than 1/2 of new price.  Includes matching bench.

Graves Price: $45,000




Bösendorfer 6' 4" Mahogany

Rare Satin Mahogany Bosendorfer Grand Piano.  Perfect Ivory keys.  Also features a maple accented inner rim.  Sounds as good as it looks.

used console piano       


Bösendorfer 6' 11" Santos Rosewood Grand

A gorgeous one-of-a-kind piano for the true artist and connoisseur.  No expense was spared in this restoration, just performed by master European craftsmen. Features all new German Renner Action.

This piano is like new and completely restored with a new pin block, bass and treble strings, nickel pins, hammers, dampers and more. Includes 5-year full warranty with nationwide service.  The tone is sweet, mellow and incredibly colourful - all characteristics of the world-class Bösendorfer piano. An instrument built by Bösendorfer will always be an asset of lasting value.  Consistently rated as one of the Top Pianos in the World by Larry Fine's "The Piano Book."

Graves Price: $48,700



Bösendorfer 6' 3" Grand Piano

Features an all new Renner action. Wood tone accents make this high polish ebony piano really stand out.

This piano is like new and completely restored with a new pin block, bass and treble strings, nickel pins, hammers, dampers and more. Includes 5-year full warranty with nationwide service.  The tone is sweet, mellow and incredibly colourful - all characteristics of the world-class Bösendorfer piano. An instrument built by Bösendorfer will always be an asset of lasting value.  Consistently rated as one of the Top Pianos in the World by Larry Fine's "The Piano Book."

used console piano  


Chickering French Provincial Baby Grand w/ Player

The perfect living room piano.  Cherry french provincial case, with matching bench.  Also include a PianoDisc CD player system, at no extra charge.

Graves Price: $8,950


Chickering Grand #2


Graves Price: $6,925


Chickering Grand #3


Graves Price: $9,500




George Steck Baby Grand 

Beautiful Mahogany Grand Piano.  Less than 10 years old looks and plays like-new.  French provincial styling makes it the perfect living room addition.

used console piano


Grotrian Concert Grand 9'1"

Fantastic Buy retails new for $147,728.  This piano was built in 1977 and was originally owned by Julie Andrews ("The Sound Of Music")  She signed the plate of the piano when she sold it to a fan in the mid eighties.  We received the piano in fantastic shape, and felt it only needed new hammers (Renner premium Blue) and Re-Strung to be like new.  This piano sounds as good as any new Concert Grand Grotrian at a fraction of the price.  

used console piano



Kawai 5'0" Baby Grand

Model KG1C. Fantastic piano for a beginner or advanced player.  Looks and plays like new.  Will go fast for the holidays

Graves Price: $7,850


Kawai 5'1"  Ivory Baby Grand

Looks and plays like a new piano.  Beautiful ivory finsh.  Made in Japan. 

Graves Price: $8,750


Kimball 5'8" Grand Piano

Fantastic condition Kimball Living Room Grand.  One of  the best deals in the store for a 5'8" Grand Piano. Stop in and try it today!

Graves Price: $4,975


Mason and Hamlin Model BB 7'0" Grand

World famous and highly ranked Mason and Hamlin Model BB Grand Piano.  Would make the pickiest of piano buyers happy. 

Graves Price: $44,700


Nordiska Art Case Grand

6'1' grand with a German action. Powerful, clear tone. Holds its own in a room of pianos 3-4x higher in price!

Graves Price: $9,800


Samick French Provincial Grand

Graves Price: Piano in prep, coming soon



Steinway & Sons 1868 Concert Grand

This 1868 stunning classical serpentine, imported rosewood Steinway & Sons Concert Grand was owned by Henry L. Desmarets of New Jersey. Excellent condition. It is similar and as rare as the art-case Steinway grand in the Smithsonian; a true piece of musical history...

Graves Price: Please call for pricing

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Steinway & Sons 1997 Model M

Immaculate condition!!!  This one owner Steinway and Sons Mahogany M is a part of the "Crown Jewel " Collection by Steinway.  An absolute bargain.

Graves Price: $35,250




Steinway & Sons Hamburg Model A - 6' 2"

Meticulously restored in Europe by master craftsmen. Stunning ebony and burl walnut cabinet.  A one-of-a-kind piece for the musical connoisseur.

Graves Price: $54,500



Steinway & Sons Model D

1992 Model Year

Please call 614-847-4322 for more information.

used console piano




Steinway & Sons Model M 5' 7" Grand

One owner piano, and one of the finest pre-owned Steinways our firm has seen.  Beautifully kept satin ebony finish.  Will go fast!!!

Graves Price: $24,500


Steinway & Sons Model M 5' 7" Grand

New Arrival!  Excellent condition and gorgeous mellow tone. Call before it's gone!  More details coming soon...

Graves Price: $19,800


Steinway & Sons Model M 5'7" Macassar Ebony

Beautiful Macassar Wood & Ebony Cabinet.  Completely restored in Europe.

Graves Price: $53,400



Steinway & Sons Model L  5' 10 1/2" Grand

A superb instrument maintained perfectly are the ingredients that make this piano shine above the rest. Thousands below the price of a new model L.  Includes 5-year parts & labor warranty with nationwide service. Will include adjustable artist bench. Pristine Condition!

Graves Price: $28,700



Steinway & Sons Model B  6'10 1/2" Grand

This Steinway B is a dream for the accomplished pianist.  This piano is in like-new condition and shows little sign of wear.  On consignment for a low price.

Includes 5-year parts & labor warranty with nationwide service and artist bench. Pristine Condition!

used console piano



Steinway & Sons Model B 6'10 1/2" Grand

This is a beautifully restored 1939 Steinway grand in satin ebony.  All the restoration work was done right here in the U.S. by master craftsmen.  Like a brand new piano inside and out, but with that late 1930's charm that is evident in the plate and decal styling.  The tone is rich and mellow with colorful overtones.  A unique find that will not last long!

Includes 5-year full parts and labor warranty. Nationwide delivery available, instrument fully insured during transport and delivery.

Graves Price: $44,800



Steinway & Sons -
"The Woolworth B"

This is a 1916 Steinway model B, 6' 10" Grand, custom-built for F.W. Woolworth, founder of the stores that bear his name.  This is one of three custom built pianos Steinway produced for the Woolworth family.  It's in a Louis XV style with flawless ivory keys.

Interested Buyers: Please call us for more information...

  Steinway & Sons - The Woolworth 'B'  Steinway & Sons - The Woolworth 'B'


Weber Baby Grand

used console piano


Weber Baby Grand

5'0" baby grand in beautiful high-polish walnut finish. Very well-maintained and clean instrument.  Every detail has been covered. Precise, fluid action feel and colorful tone. An excellent value. Deliverable nationwide.

used console piano


W.M. Knabe 7'0" Grand

This piano is an absolute gem of a Knabe grand.  The piano measures 7'0" and would be perfect for a school or church looking for a like new concert grand

Graves Price: $22,700




Wurlitzer Mahogany Baby Grand

5'1" baby grand. Plays great and features a mahogany natural wood cabinet. Made in the U.S.A. 

used console piano


Yamaha GB-1 Baby Grand

This Yamaha baby grand is in near perfect condition. With polished ebony matching bench and brass accents, this piano is ideal as a musical showpiece for any home.  10 year warranty included.  PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A GRAY MARKET PIANO!

used console piano

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $14,099

buy pianos  used steinway piano

Yamaha G1 Baby Grand

This one won't last long.  5'3" Yamaha Baby Grand Piano with a walnut case. Includes a matching bench with Storage. Perfect piano to trade in your spinet or console for.


Graves Price: $7,850



Yamaha C3 Grand

A serious instrument for the most demanding player.  Not a grey market instrument.  Please call 614-579-6555 for more info.

Graves Price: $15,500



Young Chang French Provincial Grand

Fantastic looking and playing instrument.  Well maintained cherry case.  Would make a great living room piano. 

Graves Price:  $8,450


We do have other pianos in our inventory, this list is compiled of our most popular selling models for your convenience. Please call or e-mail us for assistance in finding anything not listed here.
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