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Graves' Certified Used Pianos

Featuring the Online Inventory

Please click below to see just a few of the many pre-owned pianos we
have to offer from our certified used inventory.



Used Vertical Pianos Used Grand Pianos
Used Vertical Pianos Used Grand Pianos

Used PianosUsed PianosUsed Pianos

Our Certified Used Pianos are Fully Inspected and Warranted -
To Give You Peace of Mind and Confidence for the Future

Used Pianos 

Plate and sounboard of a piano that didn't pass the certification process and is to be scrapped


About Graves Certified Used Pianos

Graves Piano and Organ Co. is one of the few piano dealers that always maintains a large inventory of quality pre-owned spinets, consoles, baby grands, grands and concert grands giving you the best selection possible. You will find all world-class brands, including Steinway & Sons, Baldwin, Yamaha, Kawai, Kimball, Story and Clark, Knabe and many others.

Used Pianos warehouse

The warehouse at Graves, where all of our pianos are inspected, tested, tuned, approved and certified for your benefit and enjoyment.



What "Certified" Means for You:

A piano is a complex piece of machinery. No other instrument (or piece of furniture for that matter) sustains 40,000 pounds of constant tension for periods of over 100 years! Since a piano is comprised of thousands of parts there are many things that can go wrong if a piano has not been well maintained by its previous owner. Though you may feel that you can trust an owner you meet out of the newspaper or a local friend or neighbor who has an old piano they'd like to get rid of, you will be taking a great gamble. Graves actually rejects at least one piano a week due to the instrument failing to meet our quality standards. Since you will most likely only purchase one piano in your lifetime we feel that it's our duty to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible - peace of mind is a MUST.

This is where the "Certified" part comes in...
Every pre-owned piano Graves receives is thoroughly inspected, tested, and tuned to make sure it will perform flawlessly for you for years to come. In fact, on average it takes roughly 2 weeks for a piano to get tagged for re-sale after it arrives at our warehouse. If the piano passes the inspection and meets our standards, then a full warranty is included along with the Graves Lifetime Full Trade-Up Program. And if a piano that is received fails to meet our quality standards it never gets sold.



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