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Player Piano Systems

The ultimate in upscale in-home entertainment...

Imagine your piano played by Rachmaninoff, Horowitz or Rubinstein — some of the greatest artists the world has known. Imagine it playing Broadway show tunes, classical, jazz improvisations or ragtime—all your favorite music. Imagine your piano setting the stage for every occasion from dinner for two, to a houseful of company. Imagine it playing the perfect musical selections as vividly as if the artists were performing them right before your eyes.  Image the feelings of romance, relaxation, awe, and success.  A player piano from Graves can give you all of these and more.

Player Piano Systems can be purchased pre-installed on brand new pianos or even added to existing pianos of virtually any size, style or make, turning them into modern Player Pianos. Whether you have a grand piano or an upright, a new piano or used, Graves has a system for you. Graves is a certified PianoDisc and QRS installer and has performed over 500 installations.

Player Piano System
IQ Player System by PianoDisc featuring
IPOD Player

Player Piano Systems
PianoDisc's 228-CFX Player Unit, Available for
Immediate Install in the Graves Warehouse.


There are many options that you can add that make player systems more appealing and valuable than you might have thought, such as live recording, digital overlay of notes, symphony accompaniment, home theater tie-in, and karaoke is all possible.

It’s important to remember that all modern player systems Graves sells or installs feature modern technology that allow the piano to play with greater dynamic range including whisper–soft levels perfect for a dinner or relaxation setting.  These important built-in features ensure that our player systems play your piano like the original artists did — lifelike, and full of musical expression, not mechanical droning.


Graves offers you PianoDisc and QRS Pianomation systems, both modern world-class entertainment systems that will make your piano the center of attention.

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Player Pianos
Player Piano Systems represent the ultimate in
upscale in-home entertainment!

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